Maqlu (Burning): 3rd part

Festival Theatrum Mundi, GASK, 22.9. 2018

Photo Robert Carrithers and GASK



Burn the evidence. Burn yourself.

The Maqlu series is handle the Old babylonian text which has nine tablets. Each performance deals with one of them. It is a kind of protective ritual text. Each tablet I am makeing in a different style, referring to another spiritual tradition. At the end of the performance, audience can burn up some little thing that symbolizes what they want to get rid of in their life. It is always a site-specific action for a particular space.

In this performance, I was repeating following sentences:



Who are you, witch, who visits me continuously?

Who continuously looks for me with evil intentions?

Who continuously for me with unfavorable intentions?

I don´t know your city, I don´t know your house,

I don´t know your name, I don´t know your residence.


May the šedu-demons visit you,

may the uttuku-demons look for you,

may ghosts hover around you!