Messages of Tugendhat Vila

The site-specific work with space in this project had two parts 1) poetic - conceptual - installation: the artist placed words or verses in various places in Villa Tugendhat, either on square KAPA boards or on pieces of simple white crockery if it was a living space, or also on clothes (in this case it was a dressing room). These words interacted with the space, its past and present. The words or phrases were created during the connection to the villa through poetic and anthropological empathy in the real time of the performance, without a pre-prepared text, in direct confrontation with the genius loci that also decided their placement. At the same time, the words were positioned in such a way that they could be read as a poem, even as the viewer walked through the villa in different orders or in different directions. The second part was performative; it was a physical interaction with the space. In the case of Villa Tugendhat, I responded to the space with a glamour dress that was in direct contrast to the performative physicality. At the same time, I installed my bodily shell as another museum exhibit (the villa is under a strict no-touch regime; only performing artists were allowed. The project was part of the International Performance Art Festival Possibilities of Interpretation (Interpretation 1: Open Situation), curated by Tomáš Ruller.

International festival of performance art Possibilities Of Interpretation, villa Tugendhat, 28.6. 2021
Photo Mizuki Nakeshu and Robert Carrithers