Psychedelia of Dantes Divine Comedy

The performance ties in with the anniversary of the death of poet Dante Alighieri and his Divine Comedy. Jana Orlová and Nela Bártová freely processed Alighieri's legacy as a site-specific mixed media performance in which they compared the pilgrim's journey through hell, paradise and purgatory to a psychedelic experience. At the same time, they drew attention to the polarity of the "old" and "new" world, which is characterized by all kinds of electronic devices. A joint shredding and subsequent trampling of cabbage in cosmic disco dresses accompanied by author's music and video by Nela Bártová, and reading of poems. The artists were inspired by the book Psychedelic Book of the Dead by Timothy Leary.

15.11. 2021, Kaštan-Unijazz club, photo Eliška Šárková.