Maqlú (Burning): 5th tablet

8.9. 2018, Creature live art festival, Kaunas (Lithuania)

Photo Airida Rekšytė and Aldas Kvasciauskas



Burn the evidence. Burn yourself.

This is part of performance art series based on the Old babylonian text "Maqlú" (Burning) which has nine tablets. Each performance deals with one of them. It is a  kind of protective ritual text. Each tablet I am makeing in a different style, referring to another spiritual tradition. At the end of the performance, audience can burn up some little thing that symbolizes what they want to get rid of in their life. It is always a site-specific action for a particular space.




O warlock and witch, O sorcerer and sorceress, whose heart conceived evil, who sought out evil sorcery, who bound my knees with accused incantitions,

To break my spell and my enchantment, I turned to the word of Ea and Asariludu and the firegog Girra!


Who are you, sorceress, who worked magick continuously for three months and ten and half days?


I raised the chicory, the pride of the mountains, thyme, the prepared food for earth, acorn, acorn of the hierodul, pinecone, piconecone, which is full of seeds.


I want to break their knots, turn their tricks into storm wind, turn word to wind!


Upon the order of Ištar, Tammuz, Nanaya, the Mistress of Love, and Kanisurra, the Mistress of Sorceresses.


The hate that you have created through your magic, you have created against yourself. Also the injustice you have created, you have created against yourself, the kushunga you have created, you have created against yourself, the calumny you have created, you have created against yourself!


The evil God, you have let him seize me, may the evil God seize you! Lamaštu, Labasu, the Grabber, you have let them seize me, may Lamaštu, Labasu and the Grabber seize you!


The Lilu, the Lilitu, the Night-maid, you have let them seize me, may the Lilu, the Lilitu seize you! You want to destroy me through oath and proclamation; may your body find its end through oath and proclamation!


I disperse your sorcery, send your word back into your mouth! The sorceress and the great sorceress, may her magic sting like mint! May her magic scratch her like saffron! May her magic penetrate her like mustard!


In the spring water I have calmed your heart, I have soothed your angry liver; I drove away your heated temper; I confused your mind; I destroyed your plans, I burned your spells, I have numbed your hearts.


The Tigris and Euphrates, you will not cross! The mout and canal, you will not pass! You will not climb over the inner or outher wall! Your spells will not come close to me! Your word will not reach me!

You shall indeed be cast from my body!


Enlil is my head, the day my face.