Create the Artist

The artist invited the curatorial and organizational team of the gallery and art space Le Lobe to place on her body a child’s tattoo with the theme of the most famous works of art in the history of art. The condition was that the tattoos had to be applied with saliva and their own tongue. For the less adventurous, stick-on rhinestones were prepared. The performance was hampered by the fact that it was extremely hot. Nevertheless, a wide range of spectators gradually got involved. This solo performance was realized within the collective performance of all Czech participants of the RIAP festival (Rencontre internationale d’art performance), i.e. Tomáš Ruller, Darina Alster, David Helán, and Jana Orlová.

RIAP (Rencontre internationale d’art performance), Le Lieu Gallery, Québec, Canada, 21.8. 2022, photo Sandra Sunshine.