Pais Paizon

For Jana Orlová, slime is a symbol of the unconscious, which, like natural or natural animal slime, is often a dumping ground for many unpleasant, suspicious, or toxic thoughts, patterns, and memories. These are usually displaced and therefore control us more than we are willing to admit. Working with rainbow slime, which is (surely not coincidentally) a favorite childhood toy, is a symbolic manipulation of the unconscious. The rainbow slime lightens the whole subject while reminding us that as uplifting as personal transformation can be, we must first deal with our own slime (unresolved psychic issues). And slime is still slime – even when we paint it a rainbow. During the performance, the naked artist, covered in a layer of slime, wrapped herself in a giant roll of bubble wrap to symbolize peeking during the transformation phase. The contact between the slime and the foil gave rise to an installation that eventually remained in place.

RIAP (Rencontre internationale d’art performance), Le Lieu gallery, Québec, Canada, 20.8. 2022, photo Sandra Sunshine.